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The Only One

Well I made up my mind - not gonna let you get away!
To think that I'm the lucky guy - well, I've almost got it made

Cuz it's been so long since I've felt so strong
About anyone at all
I get so excited I ain't gonna fight it
I think I might be fallin' in love

So come on - let's get it right
Cuz you're the only one
So come on - we ain't got all night
Cuz you're the only one

Last night -well I thought you mighta stayed
If I'd a' had the guts I woulda pushed my luck
But then you mighta turned away

How do I explain - I know it sounds insane
But then I've been through this before
In just a matter of time
You could change your mind
You could turn and walk right hrough that door

So come on - let's get it straight
Cuz you're the only one
So come on - I just can't wait.

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Autorzy: Bryan Adams, Jim Vallance
Rok: 1983
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