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Alberta Bound

Alberta don't you look good in the mornin'
like wakin' up from some frozen dream
it's been so long that i'd almost forgotten
you're the prettiest thing i've seen

Alberta it's been a while since i've seen you
i've been down a thousand roads since then
well i guess i've settled down some
but you're as wild as you've ever been

i'm out here in the middle of nowhere
somewhere between lost and found
any road i take might be the wrong one
but hey i'm Alberta bound

Alberta do you remember that winter
we were lucky just to survive
maybe we were never meant for each other
but you still make me feel alive

Alberta it was just a matter of timing
you know as well as me i couldn't stay
i've seen the seven wonders of the world now
but you still take my breath away

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Autorzy: Bryan Adams, Gretchen Peters
Rok: 2010
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